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Pushing Inc Tattoo Emporium Offers Piercings in Barrie!

Pushing Inc. Tattoo Emporium is proud to offer piercing and high quality body jewelry to Barrie and the surrounding area where we specialized in Ear projects, custom jewelry, and taking close care of our clients after the piercing procedure to ensure they heal without complication.

Safe & Sterile | High Quality | Implant Grade Jewelry | Professional Piercing


Below are the piercings we currently offer at Pushing Inc. Tattoo Emporium. Please note that not all piercing placements are not always suited for everyone's body. We will do our best to accommodate everyone's requests, but if your anatomy is not suited for the piercing you desire we will work with you to find what piercing might be better suited for you.


The piercing procedure is the easiest part, healing that new piercing is the hard part. For this reason we provide our Aftercare Clinic free of charge to ALL piercing and jewelry clients. What this involves is free check-ups, jewelry re-insertion, help with general aftercare issues, and general jewelry education is provided by our piercing staff FOR FREE, FOR LIFE.

Single Earlobe Piercing - $30 for Procedure + Cost of Jewelry

Double Earlobe Piercing - $50 for Procedure + Cost of Jewelry


 General Piercing - $40 for Procedure + Cost of Jewelry
  • Helix Piercing

  • Cartilage Flat (Top part of ear above the conch)

  • Forward Helix

  • Daith

  • Tragus

  • Conch

  • Snug

  • Anti-Tragus

  • Nostril

  • Septum

  • Eyebrow

Intermediate Piercing - $50 for Procedure + Cost of Jewelry
  • Navel

  • Nipple

  • General Lip (Bottom or Top)

  • Advanced Lip (Vertical Lip or Vermillion)

  • Tongue

  • Mouth Webbing*

  • Bridge*

Double General Piercing - $70 for Procedure + Cost of Jewelry
  • Double/Paired Cartilage piercing (Entire Helix, Conch, Flat, or Custom Industrial)

  • Double/Paired Nostril piercing

  • Double/Paired Eyebrow piercing

  • Industrial/Paired Piercing Project

Double Intermediate Piercing - $90 for Procedure + Cost of Jewelry
  • Paired Nipple piercing

  • Paired Navel piercing

  • Paired Lip piercing


Genital Piercing - $100 for Procedure + Cost of Jewelry​
Piercing Projects - $100 for Procedure + Cost of Jewelry + Monthly Checkups (Not Mandatory but Highly Recommended)


Piercing projects are procedures that involve more attention than a traditional piercing. Piercing projects are one of a kind and must be measured to the client’s anatomy if able. That being said, some project set-ups have gained high popularity and have been repeated (ie. The 2 point cartilage piercing known as the “Industrial” is a common piercing project). Below are common names of some other projects that are also very popular you can consult with our piercer what they are, how they look, and what jewelry combinations can fit well with the set-up. Projects involve more attention and care to get right but are most definitely worth it for the end result!

  • Triple Flat

  • Constellation Design

  • Curated Ear Setup

  • Three or more point industrial piercing

  • Triple/Quadruple Lip

  • Double Nostril + Septum Combo


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