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Pushing Inc Tattoo Emporium Location
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Proudly Serving for over 35 years!

Pushing Inc. Tattoo Emporium, founded in 1989

 We are the Oldest and Most Credible Tattoo Studio in Barrie, Ontario

 If you are looking for clean and sterile

tattoos and piercings  

you need not look any further,

come to Pushing Inc.


Professional Tattooing, Barrie & Area

Body and Ear Piercing, Barrie & Area

and the

Highest Quality Body Jewelry


We are Barrie’s Kid’s Ear Piercing Headquarters

371 Mapleview DR W,

Barrie, ON




We are Barrie’s oldest and most credible tattoo studio. We owe this to our dedication to keeping up with modern techniques and combining them with traditional ones. The use of top quality inks, needles, state of the art equipment and great clients has helped us produce outstanding works of art.


In our opinion, you should not be able to see the old tattoo through the new one. When we are done the cover-up and someone comes up to you and says “Hey, nice cover-up!” then we FAILED! The purpose of a cover-up is so that no one will ever know. After all, no one likes to rehash bad ideas.


Single Earlobe -$30 + Cost of Jewelry
Double Earlobe -$50 + Cost of Jewelry
Other Ear Piercings - $40 + Cost of Jewelry
Face & Mouth - $50 + Cost of Jewelry
Body - $50 + Cost of Jewelry
Genital - $100 + Cost of Jewelry

Tattoo Machine


Jamie the owner is the epitome of professionalism, a great leader, and a truly amazing artist as well.

Scotty is the monochromatic wizard, if blacks and greys and high realism is your bag find yourself in his chair, you can thank me later.

Jason is immensely creative speed demon, I've not seen ink hit skin with such accuracy and precision at such a speed ever. Never mind watching him paint or just sketch its mind blowing to behold.  Sin D is flowing watercolours, creating poetry with the most beautiful lines and images.


3 Years in a Row,We could not have done it with out you!

Pushing Inc. Tattoo Emporium Top Choice Award
Pushing Inc. Tattoo Emporium Consumer Choice Award

Contact Us

Looking for Tattoos or Piercings in a studio near you that is safe, sterile & full of great artists? 

Look no further! We are the oldest studio with the most experience for the best experience! 

 Serving Barrie, Innisfil, Orillia, Collingwood, Borden, Angus and more! 

We have tattoos for women, tattoos for men and tattoos for everyone in-between, 

Piercings, Jewelry, merch, and much more! 

We are Health department inspected and family oriented! 

Call or PM to book now for your next tattoo idea! 

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